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Echuca Electric Motor Rewinds - Sales & Service

Echuca Electric Motor Rewinds stock a large range of new motors, pressure pumps, pool pumps and generators at reasonable prices. Some of the leading brands we stock are WEG, Techtop, Inoxpa, Davey, Ebara, Pumpmaster, Lavorwash, Dunlite, McMillan, Peerless & Kulkyne.

For fast, competant repair, rewind or replacement, come in and talk to the team at Echuca Electric Motor Rewinds. They are your local qualified electrical tradespeople specialising in rewinding all types of electrical motors, from small domestic to large heavy duty industrial. No electrical motor to big or too small we at Echuca Electric Motor Rewinds will sort it out.

When a motor comes into Echuca Electric Motor Rewinds it is evaluated and customer is contacted with our findings. Once determined that windings are defective, motor will be stripped and the making of new coils will begin.

Core Testing saves you tens of thousands of dollars in undetected wasted electricity costs. It catches damage to internal motor parts that you would never see as well as proves that repairs were successful.